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Innovative LED Lighting in Jackson, MS and Surrounding Areas


Nuetex LED lighting sold by Apex Electric, LLC
Neutex lighting installed by Apex Electric, LLC

We are an official Neutex LED Lighting Partner and we sell the longest lasting and most efficient lights in the world. From explaining the benefits, using your blue prints to make a custom layout, or doing a site survey for a retrofit; We are the leader in LED Lighting Jackson, MS. Let us help you understand why LEDs are superior and do a return on investment or new cost analysis for your project.


Be the envy of your neighborhood with energy-saving LED lighting by Neutex and Apex Electric, LLC! Household LED light bulbs can outlast regular bulbs more than 30 to 1. Imagine not having to drag out a ladder to change that hard-to-reach bulb for 10 years!


By far the most important factor in selecting LED lighting is the return on that investment. Neutex LED’s can save you up to 65% on your typical lighting energy costs. Plus, your maintenance team will spend less time changing light bulbs and repairing fixtures.


Industrial LED lights come in a variety of forms, including high, mid or low bays, canopy or wall packs, and road/street or flood LED lights. Most of our industrial lighting options come with warranties up to five years, in the event that something goes wrong with them before they have reached their full lifespan.


Proper lighting is a key element in the security and safety of both visitors and staff. Our Neutex LED lighting products offer every possible fixture necessary for providing the most efficient and brightest safety and security lighting available.

Apex Electric, LLC


Scientific studies have already proven that using LED lights instead of antiquated fluorescent or incandescent lights reduces fatigue and contributes to an increased sense of well-being. With the large and growing body of scientific literature showing the health benefits of LEDs, there is now a push to use LED lighting as a therapeutic agent!

Apex Electric, LLC


One of the best things about Neutex LED technologies by Apex Electric, LLC is that we can now supply a version of the same poor performing LED high-bay fixture from 2009, at the same wattage, but with almost double the light output! At close to 90-plus lumens per watt you are truly getting more lighting output for less wattage.

Apex Electric, LLC


We calculate payback periods and return on investments for retrofits. We can compare your cost with that of incandescent or fluorescent lighting showing the savings over the lifetime of the LED. Not only are our Neutex LED Lighting products long-lasting and extremely energy efficient, they are also virtually maintenance free! Couple that with our great customer service, install and support teams for the superior solution provider.

Call us today to begin eliminating lighting maintenance and saving money!

LED Lighting Jackson, MS by Apex Electric, LLC

Apex Electric, LLC’s responsibility is to take complete care of the client. Our focus is to provide clients with turnkey LED lighting solutions that produce the most light using the least power per dollar of cost to the user with the longest lifetime possible.

Apex Electric leads the industry by having an all-around general lighting solution for indoor and outdoor at the most competitive pricing. Committed to the best in class lumen per watt per dollar performance, our diverse lighting solutions provides fast return on investments along with a long, long lifetime.

Our projects look fantastic on paper and even better in the field. LED Lighting Jackson, MS by Apex Electric, LLC blends seamlessly with any surrounding delivering a perfect light stream that has zero hot spots or glare. Our light distribution is even so that walls are sufficiently illuminated and light is more natural appearing and easy on the eyes. Our goal is to deliver to you beautiful, attractive solid state lighting solutions.

LED Lighting Jackson, MS

Innovation and efficiency at the forefront of our business, Apex Electric, LLC uses cutting edge portals and tools to make our user experience easy and manageable. Our custom engineer portal makes accessing the data you need to keep operations running smoothly.

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LED lights  installed by Apex Electric, LLC